A directory of companies, people, and projects that are Open Source and from Montréal.

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Why is there a list combining a licensing model with a geographical location?

Generally, I’ve found that the Open Source community is just that - a community. People who contribute to open source code often do so because they know other contributors personally, they use each other’s code, or they met someone at an event who pointed them to something. You’ll find that a lot of open source projects are city specific - frequent attenders of meetups tend to hear about the same projects, learn about the same companies doing open source, and contribute in the same way.

Montreal is no exception. If you’re interested in Open Source, it’s likely you ended up one day at Notman House. If you’re learning to code, it’s likely you’ve heard of Les Pitonneux. If you’re building an open source business, you might know that Shopify was cofounded by a Quebecois. If you’re a gamer, you might know that Ubisoft’s Prince Of Persia was made here, and that the original source code is on GitHub.

I want to build a list where we can see and learn about each other’s code, just a bit easier, in the open.

GitHub Organizations

GitHub Companies

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These projects have been developed mainly in Montréal, or by Montréalers.

  • broidHQ/integrations - Connect your App to Multiple Messaging Channels with the W3C Open standard.
  • Compactr.js - Serialization protocol.
  • BadgeFactor - Badge Factor is a “glue” plugin which brings together functionalities of BadgeOS, Gravity Forms and Advanced Custom Fields in a coherent, autonomous digital badge issuing and backpacking solution. [website]
  • gnu-social - Free software social networking platform [website]
  • Prince of Persia Apple II - A running-jumping-swordfighting game I made on the Apple II from 1985-89. [website]
  • Kalm.js - Node socket wrapper and optimizer. [website]
  • macournoyer/neuralconvo - Neural conversational model in Torch.
  • macournoyer/thin - A very fast & simple Ruby web server. [website]
  • macournoyer/tinyrb - A tiny subset of Ruby with a Lua’esc VM. [website]
  • Monica - Personal Relationship Manager - a CRM to manage your friends and family. [website]
  • PivotTable.js - Open-source Javascript Pivot Table (aka Pivot Grid, Pivot Chart, Cross-Tab) implementation with drag’n’drop. [website]
  • plotly.js - Javascript graphing library
  • - Social server with an ActivityStreams API. [website]
  • Rickshaw - JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive real-time graphs. [website]
  • SVProgressHUD - A clean and lightweight progress HUD for your iOS and tvOS app.
  • Vanilla vanillaforums - Cloud-based community forum software. (Not on GitHub).
  • - Since 2003: the original free, crowdsourced travel guide with 300,000 writer/travelers visiting every day.

Users with Open Source projects

Incubators, Schools, and Communities


  • • StartUp Open House Event [website]
  • • BuiltInMTL [website]
  • • BetterMTL [website]
  • • FACIL [website]
  • • Notman's Startup Community Map [website]
  • • NodeSchool Montreal's Project List [website]
  • • - A live list of GitHub users publicly coding in Montreal (a streak counter for GitHub) [website]
  • • Agenda du Libre Montréal - An agenda and calendar for Open Source in Montréal. [website]


OSMTL#2 + lightning talks!

Let’s get together along with the group of people already united around to share some ideas and start interesting open source related discussions :)

This month we’ll have Vincent Cloutier sharing his experience working on is getting reborn! is an open-source photo sharing system with undeletable pictures (think of it as the anti-snapchat), that became quite large before overwhelming its creators with stars (900 stars on github), memes (russian), and porn (obviously). Its makers shut it down, but plans to keep things manageable have been devised. Lessons learned by managing a large community of users and developers will be shared, as well as things its creators wished they had known beforehand.

After this talk, we plan to have three lightning talks - five minutes each - about open source project’s YOU are working on. If you’d like to talk briefly about your project, GET IN TOUCH!

Let's get this started!

Let’s get together along with the group of people already united around to share some ideas and start interesting open source related discussions :)

We’ll have 2 presentations to be announced soon (will update this description as soon as it’s confirmed) but the most important thing is to get there and finally meet this amazing group of people and help decide what direction do we want to take with this meetup.”


Please do!

• If you know of any resources that aren't here, please read the contribution guide, open a PR and add them.
• If you have any questions or want a feature, please open an issue.
• If you know a friend or two in another cities, please encourage them to contribute to their respective cities.

Thank you!

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